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World class opportunities for students

A curriculum that shows challenges as opportunities

Traditional values of discipline, behaviour and respect

A warm welcome from

Our Interim CEO

Hello!  My name is Saira Luffman, and I am very lucky to have been able to call myself the Principal of BBG Academy. 

I have been in this privileged position since 2016, when I joined the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust.  Prior to joining the Trust, I was a Principal at a large comprehensive school which was, in turn, a part of a large, nationally based, Academy Trust.  I have been teaching for 28 years, and I began my journey in education as a PE Teacher – but I have also held posts as varied as a Director of Specialism, Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Headteacher… and a dilettante teaching in a variety of other subjects, where the need arises.

Our Core Values

  • Positive Discipline

    Traditional values of discipline and respect are an essential part of our ethos at the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, as we believe these are essential for creating a safe, harmonious and nurturing environment for both staff and students alike. In particular, we take a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying.

  • Resilience

    We aim to help every single student who comes through a Rodillian Multi Academy Trust school develop the skills they need to transition into the wider world as confident, capable and resilient young adults.

  • Contextual Curriculum

    In Year 8 our students study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Media Studies through the vehicle of Contextual Curriculum.  Every year we assess what are the current, domestic and global issues and we study them through the lens of these subjects. 

News & Social

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